Athletics vs. Orioles Player Props | Lawrence Butler | Saturday

The Athletics host the Orioles on Saturday, 21:40 at Oakland Coliseum. The Athletics are the underdog in the matchup, with a consensus moneyline of +150.

As favorite, the moneyline for the Orioles is -178. The Orioles are a -110 favorite. The over/under is set at 8 points.

Lawrence’s Most Popular Prop Bet

Lawrence Butler (OAK) has stayed under his Runs prop in 8 of his last 8 games.

Current best odds: U 0.5 (-165) are at FanDuel.

Lawrence’s stats vs. Oakland Athletics

19 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Lawrence’s Season Stats

246 12 N/A 4 N/A N/A 452

Lawrence’s Team’s Standings

Avg Rank Vs Avg
Runs / Gm 3.63 28 -0.74
RunsAgst / Gm 4.71 8 0.34
Winning Margin 3.03 25 -0.42
Losing Margin 3.50 14 0.04
Avg Spread -0.13 22 -0.34
Avg Total 8.34 27 -0.40
Cover % 75.28 28 -4.72
Over % 6.74 19 -0.85

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