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What is a Parlay bet?

A parlay bet in sports betting is when a bettor places two or more wagers by combining the bets into a single bet.

If a single bet loses, then the entire parlay loses. Parlays need all the individual bets to win and if they do the bettor will get a larger payout than if he were to place the bets individually.

Parlays are calculated by multiplying the individual bet’s decimal odds together. The product of this multiplication is the payout of the parlay.

What is a Same Game Parlay?

A Same Game Parlay, or SGP, bet in sports betting is when a bettor places two or more wagers by combining bets into a single bet where all the bets are from the same game. For example, a bettor may wager that the team wins, the game goes over the points total and the quarterback throws for two or more touchdowns.

The same game parlay would lose if any of the individual bets lose.

However, the same game parlay bet wins a higher amount than if the bettor were to place the bets individually.

SGP are a fast-growing style of betting as smart bettors and sports fans can isolate correlated events and combine them together into a same game parlay to boost the payout. For example, if a team wins then it is more likely that that same team’s star player has a good game.

On the other hand, if the team loses then it is more likely that the team’s star player struggled.

BetPrep analyzes millions of data points across all leagues, stats, and bet types to find the most correlated bets to provide bettors with ready-made Same Game Parlay picks.

These picks show the first bet as an anchor. Every other bet shows a stat of how frequently the bet wins when the first bet wins. This helps bettors find correlated bets to boost their chances at winning more.

Picks and Parlays

Any bettor looking at today’s markets can bet in one of two ways: Single bets or parlays.

Whether you are placing single bets or combining bets into parlays then Betprep can help. Betprep is a verified affiliate of major sportsbooks and specializes in data-driven sports betting picks and parlays.

Our experts and sharps submit picks every single day on our podcast network, in our analysis articles, and in our private discord.

If you are interested in picks and parlays then head over to our same game parlay page which features our best picks for same game parlays based on projected best odds, correlated bets, and expected value.

What is a correlated bet? Betting correlation explained

A correlated bet is a single bet that has historically won when another bet has also won.

The simplest example of a correlated bet is that when a team wins then the star player tends to have good stats. The star player’s prop bets are correlated with the team winning.

Finding and combining correlated bets is the single best way to boost your parlay returns as the sportsbooks often neglect correlation as a primary pricing factor when determining same game parlay odds.

Betprep’s same game parlay picks scan thousands of data points, real-time odds, and historical data to find the best combination of bets based on correlation and expected payouts.

This tool provides the projected best odds and historical data for all correlated bets resulting in the simplest same game parlay tool created.

Which sportsbook has the best same game parlay picks today?

Almost all of the legal betting sportsbooks offer same game parlays now.

The odds all vary and depend on the sportsbook’s internal pricing process. Betprep believes having accounts at multiple sportsbooks gives bettors an advantage as that helps track down which sportsbook is offering the biggest payout for a same game parlay.

Betprep does the work for you on our website and application where we scan all the legal online sportsbooks in real time and display the projected best odds.

Of course, the odds may vary on your account, state, and timing. H

However, you can always check our page for real-time pricing. Additionally, check out our reviews for each legal sportsbook where we rank them and hook you up with an offer to open an account: Reviews Archive – BetPrep

How do you calculate same game parlay odds?

Calculating parlay odds is as simple as multiplying each bet’s decimal odds together.

For example, combining three bets with decimals odds of 1.5, 1.4, and 1.2 would result in a parlay payout of 2.52.

Same game parlays do not use simple parlay math as the correlations between bets make certain combinations of bets more or less likely to happen.

The sportsbooks compensate for this risk by reducing the same game parlay payouts slightly.

There is no straight forward formula and same game parlay odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

That is why at Betprep we focus on scanning the market in real-time to calculate projected same game parlay odds and display them to the bettor as fast as we can.

This keeps you up to date and gives you the best available information as the market moves.

Why BetPrep Picks are The Best Parlay Bets Today

Betprep is a licensed affiliate with many legal online sportsbooks.

We also make most of our technology and tools available to bettors for free.

We believe this combination of transparency and assistance makes Betprep a tremendous asset for any sports bettor. Whether you are looking to open your first account or lay down some serious action after thorough research, Betprep has the tools to help.

Our real-time odds comparison tool and simulated sportsbook are great tools for new bettors to practice before they risk real money.

Additionally, our Hot Systems, Player Prop Cheat Sheets, and other tools help even the most seasoned sports bettor search for an edge in the markets.

If you are new to sports betting, check out our reviews of the most popular legal online sportsbooks here: Reviews Archive – BetPrep

What states is it legal to bet Same Game Parlays?

Currently, all legal gambling states permit same game parlay bets.

Same Game Parlays are one of the fastest growing betting styles and all the major online sportsbooks have this betting style easily available.

To find out if your state permits legal betting or to open your first sports betting account, head over to our review page and check out what our online sportsbook partners are offering right now.

Best Same Game Parlay Picks Today

BetPrep scans thousands of bet types, odds, and combinations to find the best same game parlay picks every day.

Betprep looks for correlated bets, that is, bets that are more likely to occur if another bet also happens. Some simple examples include if a team wins then it is more likely for the team’s best player to have a good game.

Additionally, if the underdog wins then it is more likely the game goes over the points total. Betprep searches and reports all the best available same game parlay picks for each and every sport.

We isolate the best bets and find what has happened consistently when the first leg of the SGP wins.

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We spend our time crunching the numbers, searching for correlations, and analyzing what-if scenarios to find the most correlated bets and how to string them together into the highest possible payout same game parlay picks.

Additionally, our engine scans all real-time odds and line movements in order to notify the bettor of which legal online sportsbook currently has the best projected payouts for any same game parlay.

This tool and website can be a tremendous help for any bettor looking for the best odds and correlated bets.

Where can we learn more about Same Game Parlay betting?

Betprep has a free YouTube channel that you can check out. We provide betting tips, educational content, and intros into how to use both our website and application.

Take a look at our Same Game Parlay video here: Betprep Same Game Parlay How To