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What is a Hot System?

A Hot System is a betting system that has won at least seven of its last ten bets. A betting system is a set of pre-determined rules for when to place a bet. You can read more about Betting Systems here: Do Betting Systems Really Work?

How does BetPrep create Hot Systems?

BetPrep scans 20,000 and counting filters to find the best historically profitable betting systems. Our database of every play, goes back 10 plus years, where we analyze, crunch, and bend the data to find historically mispriced betting opportunities.

BetPrep scans for filters that cover:

  • Team Stats
  • Opponent Stats
  • Player Stats
  • Game Conditions
  • Weather
  • Betting Lines and Odds
  • Line Movement
  • Streaks
  • Injuries
  • And More

What does the table above show?

The above table shows the BetPrep Hot Systems that have betting picks for this day’s current games. Each row in the table is a different Hot System. Let’s break down an example to discuss the particulars.

Name and Bet Type

On the left, we have the name of the betting system “Give a man a fish and he eats it. The end”. Below that, we can see this Hot System places NFL Moneyline bets.

Profit Graph

In the middle, we can see how your bankroll would have grown following this system. We like to see up and to the left!

Hot Record

The 8-2 shows that this Hot System has won 8 of its last 10 bets.

Total Profit

In total, this Hot System has made $2,657 profit going 33-22-0 betting $100 per bet. This is a gain of 26.6 units.

Current Picks

Finally, we can see this Hot System has 4 picks for the weekend’s slate of games. Click on the 4 Picks button to view the picks and the Hot System Summary.

What are Sports Betting Units

A unit in sports betting is a measurement of the size of the bet. It is primarily used so bettors with different bankrolls can refer to unit and discuss in common terms. Typically, a unit is a percentage of the bettors bankroll. One bettor may bet $100 units while another may bet $1,000 units. At the end of the day, both bettors can say they made 2.4 units and it is apples to apples in performance but not total dollars made.

What is the Hot System Summary?

Inside the BetPrep Hot Systems App you can click on the Picks and view the Hot System Summary. This contains all the information about this Hot System you need to make an informed decision.

Basic Information

First, we show how much the betting system has earned historically followed by the system’s name, bet type and number of current picks.

Money Won Over Time

The graph shows how your money would have grown betting $100 each time this Hot System fired a bet.

Current Picks and Best Odds

Below show the current picks for the upcoming games that this Hot System is making. You can also view the best odds and sportsbook offering them next to the team or game information.

Hot System Rules

The Rules are the filters that need to be true for this Hot System to trigger a bet. This example has three rules

  1. Team’s Yard Differential Last Game was -350 or less. The team was outgained by 350 or fewer yards in their last game.
  2. Their opponent this week is averaging 100 or more rush yards per game
  3. Their opponent this week is averaging 2 or more Redzone Possessions per game

These three rules are true for 6 teams/matchups this week; hence, this Hot System has 6 picks.

Betting History

The final item on the Hot System Summary is the historical betting results and games this system has bet. You can view the date, team and matchup, final score, bet amount, and betting result. We always strive for full transparency at BetPrep.

Where can I bet Hot System Picks?

You can bet Hot System Picks at every legal sportsbook including

See where legal online betting stands in your state.

What is the Martingale Strategy?

The Martingale betting strategy involves doubling your wager on your next bet after losing a previous bet. Let’s assume the bettor begins with a $100 bet and loses. His next bet should be for $200. Assuming he loses the second bet, his third bet should be for $400 and on and on. The bettor can continue to bet $100 after a winning bet.

The Martingale betting strategy always results in a win of your base bet amount, or $100 in our example. For instance, a bettor who lost his first three bets of $100, $200, $400, but then wins his fourth bet for $800 would wind up profiting a total of $100.

  • Lost $100 (Total -$100)
  • Lost $200 (Total -$300)
  • Lost $400 (Total -$700)
  • Win $800 (Total +$100)

Too good to be true?

Yes, that is why most casinos have table limits and why most sportsbooks cut players off when they notice martingale strategies going on. The martingale strategy is too good to be true because no one knows how many successive losses are possible and some bettors may not be able to endlessly double their bet size after a string of losses. This makes martingale a quick way to get yourself into trouble.

You can test Martingale and other betting strategies out on our backtester.

What are the best betting strategies?

The best betting strategies always change. That is why we built a powerful engine to track 20,000+ filters, hundreds of thousands of betting systems, and only share the hottest ones with everyone. Check back tomorrow to see more or head over to our page to sign up for a FREE account.

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Can I build and save my own Betting Systems?

Yes, BetPrep offers a no code interface to allow you test and build all your betting systems on 10+ years of sports and odds data. BetPrep has thousands of filters to build betting systems covering all angles of the game. Head over to the bottom of this link to see a full step-by-step example of how to build a Betting System with BetPrep.
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